Thursday, September 11, 2008


McKay is my oldest. She has taught me almost as much as I have taught her. I was very young, 19 almost 20, when I had her. She changed my world for the better. When she was born, I realized what a sweet spirit she was and that was when I decided where I wanted my life to go. The whole concept of knowing that you are in charge of raising a child and responsible for teaching them to choose the right can make one realize how important the church is. Anyway back to McKay.....

McKay is very independent. This can be a plus and a negative. Especially when we have the same personalities. McKay is also exceptionally smart. She knows what she wants and strives to achieve for it. Her goal this year is to memorize all of the capitals and countries of the world and be able to label the country. I have no doubt that she will conquer this. However, when it came to having her pictures taken, we had a clash of her putting her book down to have her pictures taken. She has a very deep love of reading. For me and having all four kids there and the oldest not wanting to cooperate made it a little stressful. So the first handful of pictures show her frustration and emotions. Although #3 and #4 were my favorites.

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Hester said...

I like the last one the most!