Thursday, September 25, 2008

The view of the "older and wiser".

McKay posted on her blog about her Pine Basin School trip. To see her version click HERE. As a parent, I got the chance to sit out and "people" observe. I loved it. (All the pictures are courtesy of McKay and friends.) Since McKay has been in school, I have never been able to help out with her class. I was either pregnant or nursing. Hurray, times have changed. I went as a the only other girl chaperon.The first thing McKay did on her first "free time" was climb the trees. I like this picture better than I liked her portrait sittings. (Which I did reschedule. They were just too sad.)This was a retired school teacher that taught the nature lessons and distinguishing trees on the hikes. He came up to me at lunch before the hike and asked when did they start letting high school kids come? I thought he was joking, but he wasn't.The gaga pit. This game is very addicting. The kids got the adults in and kicked our butts. Being small has it's advantages. All I can say is the next day I was left with bad posture, a sore back, butt, and ribs and don't forget the skinned up knuckles.. But yes, it was fun.A hike up and past the underwear tree. (very disgusting) Not a good idea to run up the hill after eating dinner. Also for not having run since April maybe that had to contribute with the sore butt.On a serious note, McKay has some really nice friends. Being able to observe all the others, you forget all the drama that can go on in 5Th grade. The make-up, the rumors, the old fashioned "going out" and girlfriends and boyfriends have already started. In fact a couple of girls got "broken up with" up at the camp and there were tears. It makes me appreciate the fact that McKay has friends that are nice and good influences. That morning, I was making hot chocolate. Since the night before, they went heavy on the chocolate, there wasn't a lot left. I did as I was instructed and put 2 1/2 spoonfuls in. I had one after all the girls had theirs, and "yucky", I am surprised that no one said anything. It was just a tad more that watered down hot chocolate. I guess they were all grateful for a little "heat" in the cool morning. That or maybe I looked a little scary with no makeup.

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McKay Anne said...

i told you to put another scoop in and it still tasted bad