Sunday, September 28, 2008

7 Weird things

****as tagged by Earl. (Thanks.)

This took was quite the challenge. For me to recognize things that maybe others thought were weird. I figured out half of them but Jake had to help me with the other half.
  1. I like vinegar. Yes plain, just a sip here and there. (A plus is it's a metabolic booster.)
  2. I don't like hot water on my face. When I am in the shower, I will turn it to cold to wash my face. I think this has something to do with my claustrophobia.
  3. I just downsized from 74 pairs of jeans to 4 (and then I bought 4 more so I am at 8).
  4. I refuse to wear coats in the winter.
  5. (6 years ago) I fell asleep on the couch. Jake woke me up and then I fell asleep on the toilet and then proceeded to tell Jake, "I needed tin foil. I am out of tin foil!" I woke up once I realized what I said. He was on the floor rolling and laughing. He still teases me about this.
  6. My light switch fetish. (overcoming process is working but still in process.)
  7. I still have friends even though I just realized I am weird.

People I tag: Keli, Laura, Lindsey, Bonny, and Betsy.


Hester said...

The tin foil thing is really funny!

bonny with a Y said...

74 pair? Amazing