Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Betsy and her kids left today. It's always sad to see them go. The kids always play well together and we enjoy Betsy's (and Nate) company. McKay always has a hard time when Aspen leaves. There was no exception today.
We didn't do much. In fact we didn't even go anywhere to go do anything. We just treated them to some good ol' Idaho (tree-country) fun. The kids rode four wheelers and played in the backyard with water for hours and hours and hours. They also couldn't stay away from the dirt and mud. Not to mention the little kids loved the kittens and Sam made sure that none of them were abused too much. He's taken a liking to them.

And just for those who were wondering....No, I didn't make Betsy plant any trees. Jake only made us move about 6000 of them in a day. True story. (Okay he didn't make us, I didn't have an option and Betsy was a true sister and helped. Besides working all day always helps the exercise factor.)

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