Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blogging Break

For the past couple weeks, I felt like we had been making progress in the blogging world. We had posted at least four times a week and tried to keep it interesting. So what happened? I ran into a couple of snags. Where have we been and what have we been doing you ask? I'll explain and keep it simple. Now us girls, all know who this doctor is. All I have to say is for the $5000 deductible I just met, I could have paid him and really had something to "SHOW OFF". But sadly, instead.... This is all I have. Scars and staples from a spigalian hernia repair, an umbilical hernia repair, and an appendectomy.

I am actually shocked that I might post this. I had a small minor breakdown when the tape and dressing came off this morning. It must be the pain pills.


bet[c] said...

Oh, ouch!

I must admit that I first thought this was a picture of one of your girl's stomachs.

I have a similar scar from an umbilical hernia repair, and it has nearly disappeared. And the other, I'm sure will fade nicely too. Did they just do the appendectomy while they were there, or did it act up?

Jacob said...

Her doctor must be a Republican ... He applied the "Bush Doctrine" .... might as well nip it before it has a chance to strike.

Hester said...

ackk! poor amy! I'm sure it'll heal up quickly.

Phoebe said...


Keli said...

Okay, I'm confused. I sense that it was you that had the surgery, and yet, I seem to be looking a a trim and slim 9 year old's tummy. WTH? The surgery must have sucked, but good job on the tight little tum tum. And enjoy those pain pills. ;)