Thursday, October 30, 2008

Green thumb and a Fall favorite

Since it's in the air, I figured a post wouldn't hurt. Fall has been here for a couple months for us. Some nights has been 20 degrees or colder. We have been enjoying the nice days at 60+ though.

McKay was so excited about her garden this year. Without fail she would water it everyday, and inspect it several times a day. While she was in Utah for a month during the summer, she would have me send pictures via text messages so she could see the growth. Many of times, I would get a text asking if I had watered her garden. She made it back just in time to enjoy the first peas. Since it was planted later (end of June), we knew that some of it might not make it or get very big. She still would come in everyday to tell us how big everything was getting. A garden does bring real satisfaction.

One of my fall favorites is banana squash. She had two of them before the frost killed the plant. (Notice the black plant in the background.) I like to cut the squash up into squares, put it in a casserole dish, and add butter and brown sugar. This is probably my favorite vegetable of all time. McKay's squash were some of the best we have had in a long time.

You really know it is good when Kirsten snuck up to Jake after dinner and whispered in his ear, "The squash was really good, but don't tell McKay."

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