Tuesday, October 28, 2008

McKay - take two

This time it went a lot better! All smiles and no tears. I like the sepia, Jake doesn't. What's new. We will probably disagree on the pictures that I chose also.
I couldn't get McKay to say anything to bring her smile out of the "cheese" smile. Although I happy with a couple of the pictures.
Now I'm all done for the year. I only have the kids' group picture and the family picture left. I'm hoping Betsy won't mind taking our family picture in Texas somewhere when we come down in 18 or 19 days...?

P.S. All costumes are sewn. One zipper left and lace to attach to go! I am to the point I hate sewing, zippers, gathering, and unpicking. Although, I do love the surging, Velcro, and my neighbor who saved me with the zipper catastrophe. My house is a total disarray. (Honestly. My wooden floor has never been this dirty.) It makes me a grouchy person sometimes. So tonight I will be done(crossing fingers). Tomorrow I will be cleaning, and by Thursday I'll be a happy mom again.


Jacob said...

Lookin good

bretandmarissafam said...

She's gorgeous.

bet[c] said...

they are all super cute!

AND YES I will take your pictures. ANd I hope that you end up staying longer than 19 days!

amy k said...

I wish I could stay more than 19 nights. We will be there for 14 days though! Gosh, that doesn't seem like a long enough time.

Jamie said...

I like the sepia toned one too. I can't believe how dark her hair is! I'm used to the aqua and other bright colors, but dark is new to me. It looks cute!

BTW you still owe me an overnight visit...