Sunday, October 19, 2008

our weekend visitors

Hannah and Robbie came and stayed with us this weekend. As I've said many times before, we love visitors. (I've said it so much I probably sound desperate or something.) Besides Jake and Robbie talking Economics almost all the time, given it's been 8 years since Jake's been in the course, we got in some good ol' country shooting. This was our shooting range, water filled plastic bottles placed in our "gold" mountain.

Such a cute couple.
Blasting some with the shotguns.

"Obviously a marriage founded in the second amendment." Thanks again for staying with us!


McKay Anne said...

no fair. i wanted to do that.

hanner said...

Sarah Palin, eat your heart out.

Seriously, I don't understand how they talked about econ for so long!!!

tipi tai said...

Best weekend since school started. We had a "blast". ha ha.
Since you told us about what happened to your cat earlier this year I don't think Hannah will ever let me start the car again without crawling underneath to make sure nothing is hiding on the engine block. Anyway,we can't wait to see you guys again; next time I'll come prepared with my econ books, a better understanding of the Slutsky model, and some more info about Hicksian demand. Just you wait!


Kaahl said...

lol@ white trash shooting and slutsky models....hopefully you are talking about polish fashion workers...