Saturday, November 10, 2012

# 10 A Washer and Dryer

Even though it's a pile of clean clothes that await folding.....
I'm still thankful I don't have to wash these by hand.  
But its not the best when I forget to switch my wash over during the day because I get distracted with all of my other "duties."  Then when I go to coach a volleyball game, I realize my coaching shirt is still wet in the washer, and you aren't allowed to coach on the sidelines without it on.  So my knight in shining armor (aka. my amazing husband) came to the rescue again!  He had three minutes to use the hottest blow torch at home and then a five minute car ride over to air dry it out the window. 
So by the time I had to put it on, it was only lightly damp.  What a life saver!

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grannybabs said...

I had a roommmate who did not trust dryers - so she dried everything by just hanging it up!! I've always trusted dryers!!