Thursday, November 08, 2012

# 8 Positive Peer Pressure

These girls are awesome! Today, they got me off my gluteus maximus and out of my house and together we all ran 10.1 miles! We are training for our next half on December 1st. (My hands were shaking as I took this picture.)
I'm so grateful to have such great friends and influences in my life.  Not only my "fabulous fit friends" (as Stacy would say) but my neighbors, family, young women, ward members, teachers, and everyone!  My list could go on and on.  Also not only my friends here in Texas but also back in Idaho and Utah or anywhere else that life may have taken them.  I truly have people that care and are fun and positive!  I hope they know that how much they all mean to me!
P.S.  Happy Birthday Lindsey (tomorrow!)

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Stacy said...

Amy, I'm so grateful for your friendship! you are such a great example to me of love and service. and yes you are "Fabulous and fit" Luv Ya!