Sunday, November 11, 2012

# 11 My calling

"Journeys through Life"
We had our Young Women in Excellence last night and we went with a shoe theme.  We have 30+ girls so I try to keep it simple.  We had our Laurel President take some fabulous shoes pictures.  We had them wear there favorite shoes or ones that had a "journey" or memory and we took a picture with them.  Then they wrote a story about it.  We also had shoe invitations that they made a couple weeks before.  But these plaques were our decorations on the table.  I painted boards in the value colors and matched them to colors so they were grouped (but yet got creative on a few so the colors would be represented.)  The parents and girls were able to share and read others.

(This was McKay's shoes / journeys)
In our program we sang,  "I Walk by Faith" and "Learn of Me."  It fit with the theme.  We had the girls that had accomplished a Personal Progress area (whether medallion, honor bee, or charm bracelet briefly speak on a value and then their own personal journey.  The spirit was so strong and bore testimony that this is what the girls should be doing but also should be incorporating into their daily life.  Reading the scriptures, writing in our journals, doing service, learning, and loving are all things we should be doing so they should be passing it off at the same time.
 I had two difference journeys this past year.  The first you would think had to do with my running goal.  It doesn't.  It deals with enduring.  How much I grew during the time my dad passed away and how I know he is still here by me.  The second represents that I love going to church.  I love seeing the girls faces and being able to be around them and the happiness they bring me.
I LOVE all of these girls!  People ask my all the time if I'm okay or if I'm going crazy.  I'm not.  Sometimes weeks are definitely busier than others but I'm not going insane.  I wouldn't change it.  I'm thankful for a chance to learn with them and to also share my testimony and knowledge.

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chelon:) said...

You guys did such a great job that night. The girls are so very blessed to have such a wonderful leader!!