Monday, November 05, 2012

# 5 A Daughter of God's Values

We are daughter of our Heavenly Father who love us, and we love him. mm.
I'm very thankful for the Young Women values and how they are instilled in me.  I hope to say I posess a quality of each one of these and others can grow because of it.  

Faith:  I know Jesus is our Savior.  I have Faith we will see our loved ones again.
Divine Nature: We came from a Divine Place and have the chance to have everything plus more one day.
Individual Worth: I am me.  I like me and I'm okay with that!
Knowledge: I'm would like to think I'm smart but I do know that one day I would love to continue on my knowledge.
Choice & Accountability: I've learned this the harder way but I now believe I can say I would pick the smart choice.
Good Works: Service pays more than money ever could.  A smile is worth everything!
Integrity - I know what I believe in and I love it!
Virtue: This is still a value that I'm working on as well.  One day, I hope to be considered a women of virtue.


N8ster said...

Jake, best of luck on your quest to become a woman of virtue.

amy k said...

He must have signed into my computer. Teach him.