Tuesday, November 13, 2012

# 13 Eyesight

This picture is from almost a month ago of Cruz's rust spot in his eye.  He came home one afternoon from school and said his eye had hurt after recess.  We took him to the after hour clinic but the doctor there couldn't help him.  That next morning we saw a pediatric optometrist.  Come to find out, he had gotten a small piece of metallic embedded in his eye.  She was able to get it out but it left a small rust spot that was slightly irritable for a couple of days.  The rust spot came off on its on almost four days later. (Look at the 9'oclock position on his eye.)
I'm so thankful  for my eyesight!  I'm so blessed to have seen all the things I have seen in life.  The happy, the sad, the beautiful, and the scary.  I love my (green) eyes!
Although one thing I'm not very thankful (at least at the moment) are teeth.  I hate them!  Just look at what my poor kid inherited through his dad.  A small mouth and a need for braces.

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grannybabs said...

Harry has gotten fragments in his eyes - mostly from not wearing safety goggles - of course!! Our eyes are so wonderful - but we need to take care of them. Glad all is well!!